January 13, 2012

Dear Babies,

There’s this scene in “The Hurt Locker” I equally love and hate for the truth in it. Jeremy Renner’s character, James, upon returning from duty dismantling bombs in Iraq, is standing in the cereal aisle of his hometown grocery store completely overwhelmed by all of the choices. This guy can’t buy cereal. He can’t be a “civilian.” Being a soldier, functioning in intensity, is all he knows.

Grumpah just came to pick you guys up for the weekend.

The house is so quiet now.

All of your toys have been picked up. Everything has been put away. Your high chairs sit clean.

I stand in the kitchen without a light on, and it is quiet. I look at the clock on the oven. It’s one o’clock, and I don’t have to be anywhere until about four.

. . . I hear you, James.



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