January 19, 2012

Dear Babies,

In case you look at me one morning and wonder, “When did Mom start dressing like a Chico’s ad?” the answer is today. Today I woke up and started dressing like a woman over forty in an ad for Chico’s. Long live silky black palazzo pants, a blouson tank top and a drapey sweater, cashmere-blend.

Is this look here to stay? I doubt it. But I undoubtedly one day in your eyes will have a look.

All moms have a look.

Nanny has a look with her black capri pants and colored twin sets. (You’ll rarely see her in anything that’s not a v-neck or a scooped out neckline, that hot-blooded Irishwomen gets too hot!) She always has gold jewelry on, a necklace, hoop earrings. I have to remembuh not to wear jewelry! she says peeling it all off as soon as she gets here and you guys start clawing at her ears and her neck, every single time. And just as cyclically, when she’s getting ready to leave she can’t remember where she put them, “Where’s my earrings?” Right before she begins to look for her bag and her phone…

I miss Nan. She’s been away for the week. In addition to not having “help” for the past few days, meaning not being able to do perks like go to the gym, sit down in a chair, I miss not being able to call her to tell her things that only a mother would care about.

“Mike got called in for jury duty!”

“I made a hair appointment for Wednesday.”

“Diapers.com is awesome.”

“The kids are eating pork chops.”

“I got this catalog in the mail that has really cute clothes for them for summer.”

“‘Murder, She Wrote’ is on.”

I mean really, who cares about this, especially at eight in the morning?

Only, and always, a mom.



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