January 26, 2012

Dear Babies,

Rainy days aren’t so bad, except that I can’t wear sunglasses to mask the dark circles under my eyes without makeup.

I mean, I guess I could wear sunglasses, but I’m at Starbucks to write, and the only thing worse than being an a-hole with a laptop in Starbucks is being an a-hole with a laptop in Starbucks wearing sunglasses inside.

Ah, well…

Not my finest look today, which means I’ll probably run into someone I haven’t seen in years, because that’s how it always goes. In fact if I were a stage mom, I would tell you to dress everyday as if you knew you were about to run into someone from your past, but I’m not a stage mom. And I really don’t care what I look like most days, especially in front of people from the past. I  used to–I once ran into a guy I knew from college on my way home from the gym coming out of a  Duane Reade carrying a 24-pk of toilet paper. I cared then. But now? Please. I’m an a-hole with my laptop in Starbucks. I don’t care about anything. Give me my latte. Give me my phone.



What do you think?

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