February 3, 2012

Dear Babies,

In light of yesterday’s Groundhog Day epiphany, if the bar for epiphanies is really that low, then today we were animals. Today we went crazy. Today we–wait for it–tried something new!

This morning this hermit stuck her head out of her shell, looked left, looked right, then said let’s see other people. So we did. We went to lunch. With other people. We were one of those big tables you see at the pizza place with seventeen high chairs and sippy cups all around, bite size morsels of food scattered everywhere on the floor that would send Hansel and Gretel into a dizzying frenzy. (Yes, we are those people. Hence we always have to tip big.) We did it. And it was great.

Here’s a good thing to remember if you’re ever scared to creep out of your shell: When you try something new, if it works out, great, if it doesn’t, you never have to do it again.

It’s that simple.



What do you think?

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