February 7, 2012

Dear Babies,

“Why would you tell me this?” I snapped at my mother.

(Yes, Babies, can you believe it? People snap at their mothers.)

Nanny sometimes likes to report things she sees on TV as if she’s the one breaking the news. This includes plot lines that happen on “General Hospital.”–“It was Dante.”

Last night she was telling me about the horrific murder/suicide of the husband suspected in the missing woman, Susan Powell, case. He killed his boys, she was relaying…

“I know!” I sputtered. “I heard!” I was trying to interrupt her to get her to stop talking about the atrocity, but she kept going with the details. “Ma, I heard it on the Today Show…” The visual of the smiling picture of the two boys I had seen that morning came to mind. My heart clinched like it is the muscle it actually is. “I couldn’t listen…”  Still, she went on. In a panic I had to get her to stop. I snapped, “MA! PLEASE! I CAN’T HEAR IT!”


I hissed, “Why would you tell me this?”


She didn’t know what to say, because I had gone a little crazy.

(I did.)

But I mean it when I say I can’t handle hearing bad news about children.

I can grow a thicker skin, or we can move into a bubble.



What do you think?

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