March 14, 2012

Dear Babies,

Opening a window helps. It just does.

You guys are sleeping upstairs and after what feels like a whirlwind of the past few days–is it Saturday? Last thing I remember it was Saturday morning and I was having coffee and we were talking about taking my grandmother out to dinner–I am sitting down at my desk in my office. (Which also has a changing table in it and is where we throw things like mail we don’t want to deal with, but whatever.)

The windows are open and I can see these little purple flowers sprouting up…Are they lilacs? Crocuses? What are crocuses? Doesn’t matter.

There is a breeze…

Right about now, if I were at one of my old jobs, I’d be stretching my neck to see a window, emailing my friends about where we are going to meet later to get drinks outside…

Get some fresh air! you’ll hear old-timers say, and aren’t I just an “old-timer” myself for saying old-timer?

But they are right.

The curtains are really blowing now, and I am in heaven.

Such a simple little trick, opening a window. Remember it. It really can change so much…




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