March 28, 2012

Dear Babies,

“They’re always happy,” Aunt Krissy observed last night in awe.

I looked over at you two in your high chairs grinning, mouths full of baked ziti and chocolate chip cookies. You were dancing, shimmying your shoulders to Louis Prima’s “That Old Black Magic.” You were undeniably happy.

And you are usually that way. Even when you do throw a tantrum, we can distract you and snap you out of it–“LOOK! MOMMY’S NOSE! MOMMY’S NOSE GOES HONK, HONK!”–and instantly, it’s back to happy.

I mention this because believe it not, people are not always happy. {Gasp.} People are not always nice.

I wish they were.

I wish I was. (Me and my sarcasm, we have a go sometimes.)

You had to see the way that man doing construction on the side of the road this morning looked at me when I hit that cone. His little configuration was confusing! There were no signs! I hit a cone! I’m sorry! He looked at me like, you idiot. He made me feel like, you idiot.

Why’d you have to be so mean, says Taylor Swift in a song. (She’s young now, I swear, in case by the time you guys come to know her you only see her as old.)

Why do people have to be so mean. You’ll say this in life and I wish there was an answer for you.

Some things I can improvise: When feeding you Animal crackers, for instance, “Here is a…uh…what the hell is this?…A RHINOCEROS! Here’s a rhinoceros! And a rhinoceros goes…uh…ROAR! Here is a, crap, now what the hell is this? This looks like a fox? Is this a fox? Or is it an armadillo? Do they have armadillo’s in Animal Crackers?” In the end, there’s always old faithful, “A COW! Look, this is a cow, saying moo, hi cow!”

Others, I have no explanation. I guess sometimes life gets to people. Sometimes, it’s just the way people are.

We can’t be happy all the time, I know. But when you can, babies, be nice, because it does make a difference. You’ll see.



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