Friday May 4, 2012

Dear Babies,

I watched Natalie Morales bite into a sea salt caramel on the Today Show this morning during a segment about Mother’s Day gifts, and I thought, now isn’t that dumb?

She chewed it and chewed and you could tell had a hard time swallowing the thing. I mean, I’m sure it was delicious. It came in this decidedly rustic cardboard box. But, really? For everything your mother does for you and deals with? On this one designated day of thanks for the most thankless job in the whole wide world you’re going to say, “a-ha! That’s it! Sea salt caramels! Perfect!”


I know, it’s the thought that counts. And I’m not saying you have a buy a gift for Mother’s Day at all. I’m really not expecting anything. Really. I swear. (I’d rather use our money to buy you guys something. When you get older, make me a card on that thick construction paper I can smell.)

I’m not gonna lie, though, I’ve had some thoughts…I’m out of my perfume (Hermes’ Amazone, or Annick Goutal’s orange scent, hint hint), and I would love to go shopping. Do you know what I would do with a Jcrew gift card right now? Anthropologie? Potterybarn?! I know, I’m getting CRAZY!

And then I’ve had other thoughts…ooh, a morning to sleep in would be nice.

Or, the ultimate fantasy…a day by myself. At Nanny’s house before she took you guys out to lunch so I could do work and shower, and the dog came into the bathroom with me. He sat on my feet while I peed. “Hi, Cody,” I said, patting his head, thinking I get no respect.

But that’s not it, of course. I’m a mom and you guys are my buddies. I should take it as a compliment, that people–toddlers and 88lb yellow Labrador retrievers who think they’re lap dogs included–want to be near me. Being loved is a gift in itself. In fact it is the gift, Mother’s Day or not.

No, a day by myself would be sucky. A good idea in theory, but then when alone I know I’d be thinking about my family the whole time, thoughts going around and around. Kind of like Natalie Morales chewing on that caramel.



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