Wednesday May 9, 2012

Dear Babies,

My options are: 1.) Shoot myself in the foot; 2.) Thrash things around my office with Billy  Joel’s “Pressure” blasting; or 3.) Take advantage of Nanny here to watch you while I do work, and take a break and go to the gym or something to clear my head instead .

I’ve been working on my new web site, moonlighting as a twenty-two year old site developer from northern California. I use the words SEO optimizer and meta data freely. Pass me my Vans, please.

I just spent HOURS trying to set up a new domain name (!) and get my wordpress site to forward to that and add meta data to increase traffic. I have been on the phone with a million support guys, my new buddies. My comrades. I heard all about one’s blog on beginner aquariums. I’ve been reading forums posted by guys who, from their profile pictures, must still be in high school. One looks just like my friend’s little brother. If fact, I think he is my friend’s little brother. I want Doritos so badly because the site host GoDaddy always advertises during the SuperBowl, and so does Doritos, and that’s how my brain works. All of this…to learn that you cannot add meta data to a site. You simply cannot. Good to know. I will hand over my Vans.

I just wasted so…much…time.

I think I will go with #2.) Thrash things around my office with Billy Joel’s “Pressure” blasting, but only if while doing so I can look like/and-or-be Michael Douglas. And then eat Doritos.



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