Wednesday, May 6, 2012

Dear Babies,

I went on the Web site of a funeral home this morning to get an address to send flowers to, planning on then looking up a florist nearby, when I noticed a button. Order flowers, Click Here.

I clicked, expecting to be directed to a page of local contact info, only to find a drop-down menu of names of all the deceased they are currently holding services for.

I scrolled, found our friend’s mom’s picture, clicked…

I was directed to a page decorated with flickering candles. Click here to light a memorial candle, it said. Beautiful pictures from her life flashed in a graphic picture frame. Service details, click here. Make a donation, click here.

This all made sense. I mean, sending flowers to a funeral home should be this easy, why not? But it felt strange…

Your future movies are scary. Are we really going to have to pick up and move to a different planet? I hope yours don’t come true. Mine were silly, for the most part. Even my scary ones have since become silly (thanks, Arnold as The Governator!), which says a lot about the time I grew up in vs. yours.

We FaceTime with Nanny and Grumpah often. They play Simon Says with you and you do it all, cover your ears, blow a kiss, touch your nose. I can’t help but think of Epcot Center and such similar scenes once “imagined.” I mean, are they going to have to redo the Spaceship Earth ride now? Talking face to face with people on the phone is a given in today’s world.

I was ten when I saw “Back to the Future 2” and was so confused by all of the Biff’s. Wow, I couldn’t believe being able to watch multiple channels on a giant flat screen television one day…and now I own seven such screens, even you guys have one and you still count your age in months. You should see how many channels your dad has going simultaneously during football season in the basement.

What’s next? I can’t even imagine…Hopefully you can.



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