Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear Babies,

Some things about human nature are completely asinine.

A man at Stop & Shop this morning gave me such a dirty look. (You’ll learn what a dirty look is when you get to junior high, especially you, Baby Girl, unfortunately.)

What? WHAT?? I wanted to shout at him. So I gave my kids a box of cookies each to keep them quiet, okay? It’s only frickin’ 10 a.m., I know, okay? I dropped them, okay?? And that would be that I dropped you guys, not the cookies–I placed a heavy bag on the back of the flimsy umbrella stroller and it tipped backwards. Whatever. Not my finest, but you were fine. I picked you right up. I handed you back your boxes of cookies…

Why judge people? It just doesn’t make any sense. Why should he care about my stellar parenting choices? I should have said to him, “what’s your problem, man?” Right? Nah, who cares about his problems, who wants to fight with someone at a suburban grocery store, let alone ever. When it comes to human nature, me and Arnold Jackson will remain perpetually confused.



What do you think?

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