Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear Babies,

I’m going away tomorrow for the weekend, so, naturally, the preparations have begun last night, seventy-two hours prior (or I don’t know how many, come on, don’t make me do math).

There is the whole me aspect: Being so so excited for a weekend away with my girlfriends. We did it, we actually got our schedules to align! I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the things I am about to be doing! Sleeping late…not chasing anybody at the beach…reading…going to “nice” restaurants and having fancy cocktails and possibly singing along on a dance floor to ToTo’s “Africa,” and by “on the dance floor” I probably mean in between two beds in our hotel room with an iPod (because that’s how we roll)…

But then…

I already have that feeling in my heart when I think about not being with you guys for two…whole…days…(if there’s traffic driving back on Sunday, maybe even three)…

You’ll be fine, of course. I’m not worried about that. There are the little things I can try to remember to tell your father before I leave, things that don’t seem like a big deal but will lead to frantic phone calls, things that only a mother can know…

“When they run over to the dishwasher, let them help you empty it, they like to!, just be quick!”

“When they open the bottom drawer in the kitchen and hold their hands to their ears they want you to say ‘where did it go?’ They like to hide stuff in there and then open the drawer and find it”

“Try to take their toothbrushes away before they get in the bathtub, otherwise it becomes a disaster…”

And there are other things, like for the first time in a what feels like a long time, do I really have what it takes to hang out with adults? I just went and got a pedicure, had my toenails filed down like Harry and Lloyd in “Dumb and Dumber.”

What will I wear? Can I handle more than two white wine spritzers? Will I be an animal let out of its cage?


Will I have fun, sure.

Will I miss you, definitely.

Au Revoir,


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