Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Babies,

NBC had this video montage this morning of the greatest moments from the Olympics from the past week. Or maybe night. (Eh, I’m tired and a little foggy on time.) There were all the smiles. The twirls. The surprise wins! The world records! The tearful eyes of accomplishment, I did it! All of this set to music, a song you would want playing if you were an underdog in an eighties movie building a boat for an upcoming competition you needed to win in order to keep your house, or something like that.

This got me thinking, along with all of those other really important things I think, like I really dropped by the ball by never watching “Lost,” what if I were to make a video montage of the greatest moments from our week? What would it include?

How about when you accidentally kicked me in the teeth as I was trying to put sunscreen on you, Baby Girl?

Or, Baby Boy, when you bit into my thigh like it was chunk of cheddar cheese.

There were those great moments of distraction, of washing my hair with body wash, of putting chapstick on with the cap still on, of putting toothpaste on a toothbrush and bringing it to my armpit, thinking it were a razor loaded with shaving cream.

Speaking of armpits, there was that lovely visual in my office eyeing the clock, eyeing the baby monitor, seeing you guys stirring and knowing I only had a few minutes left before you were fully up, what would I do, shower, or keep writing? Shower {take deep inhale of own armpits}, keep writing? I kept writing.

All of those fresh veggies I was going to grill up for you but never did? Molded. Speckled with white fuzz. The subsequent trial and error sessions with what the new sink garbage disposal can and cannot grind would’ve been great footage, I mean look how successful Letterman is with “does it float?” Egg shells, yes! Banana peels, yes! Tea bags, no.

Belting out Color Me Badd’s (with two d’s) “I Adore Mi Amor” this afternoon while driving with you guys sleeping in the back seat perhaps would been good for music. I could do a little thought-bubble over my head, too, about how I was thinking how awesome it was when Color Me Badd sang to Donna Martin at the Peach Pitt on “90210.” Wow, how awesome!!

Or the music could be Otis Redding’s “Love Man,” which you love and dance to, Baby Boy, which I’m not sure is inappropriate or not.

Or perhaps “Call Me Maybe,” your favorite, Baby Girl, which we listen to no less than five (5) times in a row every few hours on a daily basis.

But no, I’ll go with that song NBC used, that great underdog-in-an-eighties-movie-building-a-boat-for-a-race song, because our week, too, was great.


Sure, it reads more like a bloopers reel, but in my opinion, the bloopers reel is always the best part.

Happy Friday.



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