Monday, August 13, 2012

Dear Babies,

I have betrayed my people.

Actually, not people, rather fish who eat people, but whatever.

Last night instead of watching the opening night of Shark Week I watched the Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics instead.

(I know. Don’t tell anyone, and by anyone I mean the fish.)

I’ve looked forward to and have watched Shark Week for as long as I can remember. How, at age 33 (32? No, 33) did this happen??

Was the Spice Girls reunion that tempting? (Yes.)

A live performance of “Freedom” by George Michael too good to be missed? (You bet.)

The abundance of shark programming out there causing a week designated to such lose its luster? (Maybe.)

Monty Python singing and swaying “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” to a backdrop of shenanigans, including dancing nuns, affirmation that I’d made the right choice? (Absolutely.)


You know me, babies, I like routine. I like schedules. Don’t even get me started on lists.

But, even for your dear ol’ mom here,¬†there’s always change.

Embrace it. Accept it. It’s inevitable.

And quite often, it’s good.



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