Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dear Babies,

“Those idiots,” your dad and I say every time we pass this one restaurant in town.

The idiots we are referring to are the owners of the place.

We went there once in May when the restaurant first opened. The food was excellent. The view–right on the water?–even better. But the service. Oh, the service. Its own waitstaff was complaining about the staff to us. They were unwelcoming, unaccommodating and negative. If  the waiters remembered to put silverware on the table, we would have been able to cut the tension in the place with a knife. The experience was so awkward, we couldn’t wait to leave and ended up taking our meals to go…

…This morning on the Today Show I half listened to a segment about a study done by that found the presidential candidate with the best groomed eyebrows has won the election the past seven out of eight times.

(I know. Just when I think I can’t dumb down anymore by watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I get this tidbit as my morning news. At this point the only person on the planet I could hold a conversation with is Andy Cohen–which I’m not complaining about. It would be really fun. Maybe the Scissor Sisters could come, too.)

Thinking back to the presidential debates last night, I thought of the gut reactions I’d had while watching them live…

What’s up with Obama? I’d thought while chomping on pistachios.

He seemed so…disconnected. At times even angry. Aloof. Where was his spark?

“Romney did great,” I told your dad when he got home from his client-dinner-thing at 2:00 a.m. “Obama did not do well. He seemed so…not friendly.”

You heard it here, folks. Forget CNN. I predicted President Obama would not win the debate because he was “so not friendly.” I should gather my tribe, me, Andy Cohen, the Scissor Sisters, the fictional character Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde” and throw in Teresa Giudice from New Jersey. Bingo.

What’s scary is how people really choose the president of the United States.

There’s so much to know. From foreign policies to tax plans to views on health care and stem cell research and dude, are you really going to cut my boy Big Bird on PBS?

And then there’s that other factor. The one that makes or breaks people. That unspoken something that is–like it or not–embedded in success.

People vote for who they like.

I had a hard time warming up to John Kerry back when I would have voted for anyone–Andy Cohen, perhaps–over George W. Bush. He reminded me of a villain from a claymation cartoon.

This is all so stupid, babies.

Which candidate has the best eyebrows? Come on.

But sadly, strangely, I don’t know what’s the right word, this is how people work.

Human connection matters.

Being a “people person” matters.

Nice matters.

If you guys are to be successful, in whatever you do, you must remember this.

Especially if you decide to open up a restaurant.





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