Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear Babies,

I caught a glimpse of the trees in the rearview mirror yesterday as I was backing out of the driveway, and I couldn’t believe it. The way they changed so fast, from green to golden, it was as if I had blinked and boom, there went the season. “It’s like a commercial,” I thought, referring to how, in a 30 second interval, images flash to show all the stages of a person’s life, maybe for life insurance, or those P&G commercials around the Olympics that got me every time…

Of course I would say it’s like a commercial. I love stories, movies, and, though teeny tiny, isn’t what they are?

(Newsflash: You love movies, too. You take out your little director’s chairs. You get all set up. You sit back with your respective stuffed animals–for “Lady and the Tramp,” the current house fave, this has to be day 207 of watching it in a row, it’s your dogs. I love hearing laughter and running over to the screen to see what it is that’s making you laugh…)

One of my favorite movies is the first 3/4 of “Adaptation.”

The last 1/4 of it just gets silly. I would elaborate on that, but I don’t have the time (see yesterday’s entry).

Tomorrow Nanny is watching you guys so I can “do the closets.” That’s right. Twice a year a go into the closet in the guest room. I take out two huge boxes full of clothes, one for me, one for your dad. I switch them out with all of the clothes currently in our closets that are no longer seasonal. Good-bye, bathing suits. Hello, nice warm sweaters. This is an event.

Forget the ending of “Adaptation.” “Mom,” you say, “isn’t that silly?” Why not keep everything together all the time? Why make the change?

And yes, it is silly.

But there’s a flow to life and changing seasons that keeps us all going.

I like to keep it going.

I think I’m the type of person who needs to keep it going.

(It’s what I’m always trying to achieve in our days, a flow while constantly adapting.)

In the movie there’s this great scene where they show flowers blooming in fast speed to the song “Happy Together.”

There’s something in the rhythm of the song that itself is like a tide, coming and going, bah bah bah baaaa, bah bah bah baaaa…

So here we go in a few minutes. Pulling out of the driveway, off to school again. Looking at those trees. I swear, they were just green.



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