Friday, November 29, 2012: For the Record, Brunettes Have Fun, Too

Dear Babies,

It wasn’t what she said, it was the way she said it.

“Can you babysit on Friday ?” I asked Nan earlier this week.


“I’m getting my hair done.”


“It won’t be a long appointment though, I’m not getting highlights.”

“Oh?” she questioned.

“Yeah, I’m getting rid of the blonde.”

“Oh,” she said surprised in a much lower tone.

“Yeah, I can’t take it anymore. My hair is a mystery color. I want it to be one color. I’m growing back brown.”

“Oh,” and it was this disapproving tone that struck my nerve.

“What?” I snapped.

“What what?”

“What’s the matter with me dying my hair back brown?”

“Nothing,” a word that almost always means something. Take note of inflections, especially you, Baby Boy, you’ll need this with women.

“Ma, I have brown hair.”

“I know,” she said high-pitched, defensive.

“My hair right now is orange.”

“Aw,” she said with a tisk, like this was this great pity, “it’s just that, I like you as a blonde…”

…Today I am marching into a hair salon and dying my hair brown, something celebrities do for movie roles when they’re supposed to look “average” or “mousy” (see Scarlett Johansson in “We Bought a Zoo”):

There’s this saying, babies: Blondes have more fun.

This is asinine and not true. Take it from me, brunettes do all right in the fun department, too.



2 thoughts on “Friday, November 29, 2012: For the Record, Brunettes Have Fun, Too

  1. icescreammama says:

    well, let me know. I’m a brunette and i can’t say i’m having a ball over here, but I’ve never been a blonde, I went with, this is what i got and it’s good. I think people look best how they were made. Having said that, it’s not always true. 😉

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