Tuesday, January 15, 2013: Shut the Buck Up

Dear Babies,

I used to think the worst thing in the world is when your kids are sick.

Now I know the worst thing is when your kids are sick, and you are sick, too.

My poor babies, your noses are literal faucets. You haven’t slept. You are cranky and needy and require my undivided attention, but unfortunately with twins that is what I must do, I must divide. I cannot physically lift you both at the same time anymore. Someone gets left at the knees, crying with a glob of snot bubbling from their nose or maybe smeared to the cheek, to the hair, or a real doozy, to the throat, being told one minute, baby, one minute!, as sweetly and unnaturally high-pitched as possible.

Meanwhile, I am in my own personal “Trainspotting.”

I am on Mucinex D, or maybe Aleve Sinus D, either way this “D” means some serious business. My heart is racing. I am sweating but I do not have a fever. I’ve taken my temperature three times in a row and it keeps coming up 96.6. That is low, right? (Isn’t that low?) At some point I blew my nose so hard I clogged my right ear and that’s my good ear, so now everything sounds like I am underwater.

Maybe I am underwater? No. I’m just hallucinating. I haven’t slept. I’ve watched Lady and the Tramp 1700 times. I keep noticing how many rugs Jim Dear and Darling have, they have area rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpets. Maybe this was the style then, the look of an ABC Warehouse. Maybe their house was cold…

It is in the state that I am in charge today. No school today; we are housebound and I am whipping up activities. We just finger-painted and only 1/4 of the basement rug is now red, which isn’t bad. I’m thinking instead of disinfecting the house when we’re all better to just take a torch to it anyway–the task is too daunting–so go ahead, let’s spill on the carpets away. (Or, less drastic, maybe I can call an exterminator?) Later we are baking cookies. It’s okay that they’ll be dusted with germs and possibly mixed in with mucous because we’ll be the only ones home to eat them. Your father is in DC. He hated to leave us this morning; this is an aspect of his work that I know is very tough.

(Your dad misses you guys very much.)

But these are the things he must do for his job.

And today, me sick but mustering everything I have to keep it together for you guys, is part of mine.

So no more complaining starting…now. I must buck up. 

By Alexandre Buisse (Nattfodd)



4 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 15, 2013: Shut the Buck Up

  1. LauraC says:

    NO NO NO.
    The second worst is when the kids are sick and the man cold is in the house!
    The worst is when all three have a puking virus at the same time. Trust me on this, and pray you never have to experience it.

    • amydenby says:

      Laura! In my wildest dreams I could not imagine such atrocities! To think my husband could be sick with the kids, too! And the stomach virus. (Wow.) Thank you for reminding me of one of my popular sayings, “well, things could always be worse…” Healthy vibes to all!

  2. Anne Schenendorf says:

    Oh Amy!!! You poor thing! That is brutal! Being sick is the kryptonite of momdom. It sounds like a serious case of the plague. A couple weeks back Greg had some illness-aches, nausea, ect. I flew solo on childcare for a couple days and was so beside myself that I made him swear up and down if I caught it he would take off. No joke. I didn’t catch it. You my friend deserve a medal- one made of solid platinum. I’m wishing you all chickrn soup, cookie and health…

    • amydenby says:

      “Being sick is the kryptonite of momdom.” That should be a license plate, or at least a t-shirt 😉 Thanks, Anne. I just bundled us up and took us for walk, hopefully the fresh air will do us ALL some good! Hope to back in swing by Monday, too. Will be in touch! xx

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