Friday, February 15, 2013: The Aftermath

Dear Babies,

I am disgusted by myself.

With your dad in LA all week (“work,” I keep saying when you run into the bedroom to look for him in the morning, or wonder if he’ll be coming in to kiss you goodnight, “Dada at work”–have you noticed the extra shout outs during our nightly thanks? “And we’re thankful for Daddy who works so hard for us,” because trust me, babies, what he does is a sacrifice, not seeing you for stretches of time like this is very very hard), you’d think my nights would’ve been spent watching bad television.

But for the past week, after full whirlwind days, I’ve been choosing to curl into bed with my Kindle instead, read into I fight the heavy in my eyes…That is up until last night.

After you, my valentines, went to sleep last night I decided to treat myself for Valentine’s Day. Personally I’m blase about the holiday, but hey if you get to eat chocolate (or more chocolate than usual) for a night then whatever, I’ll take it.

Nanny called to tell me a movie version of a Mary Higgins Clark book was on the Hallmark Channel. (See how a mother always looks out!)

I ran to the TV in my white socks and sweatpants and was delighted to see the terribly cheesy film starred Sean Young of “Einhorn is Finkel, Finkel is Einhorn!” fame. What a Valentine’s Day, oh my heart!

Before I hunkered down into the couch, and the way our pillows and cushions are worn in, I do mean into, I cut myself a slice of  heart-shaped crumb cake from Uncle Giuseppe’s.

What started out as a “sliver” turned into corner then a chunk then an aw hell, might as well take the whole thing over to the couch with a spoon, topped off with three slices of Muenster cheese, egg salad and white wine spritzer.


I don’t feel too slim this morning, no.

But you have to own your choices, babies, good, bad or flat-out disgusting.

Good advice as we head into the weekend, don’t you think?



5 thoughts on “Friday, February 15, 2013: The Aftermath

  1. Anne Schenendorf says:

    Lol, Amy this makes me feel so much better because I had an enormous glass of red wine with out take out from Besito. I called it a fancy dinner but the truth was I had Greg canel our resv at Framboise for four because I was too tired to put back on three sets of shoes. I ate a little more than half a large heart box of chocolates. Worse was that I let the babies eat the other half. I am not winning mommy of the year. The night ended with an enormous pile of laundry. Poor Greg… At least you had a great excuse. 😉 Happy Heart Day! So happy for you Mike is home/coming home!!!!! Yaaaaay!!!! You made it!!!! THAT deserves a reward…

      • amydenby says:

        Awards/rewards, heck i’ll take the rest of half-eaten crumb cake 🙂 Nah, all in all it was a great week so I can’t complain, and your night sounds pretty good to me! (well, minus the laundry) Did not know Besito did take-out, that’s a game changer right there!

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