Friday, April 19, 2013: Up and Down and Over and Out

Dear Babies,

I called Nana first, but she didn’t answer. Settling for option two, I dialed Grumpah.

“Hi,” he said in a hushed tone.

“Hey!” I boomed, a little too caffeinated and chipper for the morning, choosing to treat myself to a second cup of coffee on a Friday (you: Wow, Mom, you are gettin’ crazy!)

Nanny and Grumpah flew to Florida yesterday, and I hadn’t heard from them. Normally there is a cryptic text “landed” or “ok” or something. Perhaps since this is such a short trip, Thursday morning to Saturday night (yup, this is what you do when work eight hours a week total, fly to Florida for the day to get sun on a whim), I guess they are maximizing their time.

So I called them to check in.

“How are you guys?”

“Good,” in another whisper.

“Where are you?”

“In an elava-tuh.”

“Oh. Okay. Are you going to breakfast?”

{whisper} “No, Happy Hour.”


“I’m sorry, what?

He must’ve gotten off the elevator, for suddenly as clear as day I heard, “We’re goin’ to Happy Hour.”

“Dad, it’s eight o’clock in the morning.” I checked the exact time on the microwave. It was 8:02.

“Yeah, the Bahia Cabana has Happy Hour from seven to eleven, how great is that!”

“Seven to eleven, in the morning?” I questioned to confirm.

“In the morning.”

“Where’s Mom?”

“Right here.”

“Put her on.”


“Hi, Ame, ooooh, I miss my babies! Tell me about them!–”

“Ma, you’re goin’ to Happy Hour right now?”

“Yeah! The have a good breakfast. I’m gonna get an omelette and a bloody mary.”

I heard Grumpah in the background, “they have a good crowd!”

…Frank Sinatra once said something along the lines of, he feels sorry for people who don’t drink in the morning, that’s the best they’re going to feel all day.

As your mother I can’t condone these things (you, in college: On my way to kegs and eggs, Mama said!). As a daughter who’s seen her parents have ups and downs and overs and outs, if this is a happy, common ground for them, eh, I step back and say cheers.




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