Wednesday May 22, 2013: Telephone.

Dear Babies,

“Did you hear about it?” your dad asked a few nights ago slipping into bed beside me referring to the Oklahoma City tornado tragedy.

“I did, but not much,” pausing to weigh the internal conflict, I don’t want to know more about it, but I need to know, “Did anyone die?”

I get my news from your father. Partly because unless it’s on Nick Jr. or Disney I don’t see it. Partly because, I know what’s out there in the world and already find myself praying not us, god, please, not us on a nightly basis–so why add to the fears?

But the truth is, we were given empathy for a reason. Maybe we really do need each other, for prayers, for help, for strength. Like May Boatwright in “The Secret Life of Bees” jotting down names of people or events that made her sad on paper, crumbling them up and placing them in between stones on her “wailing wall.” One life touches another…

Last night your father laid on the couch with his phone a foot from his face, crying. I heard the whole video he was watching, but I could not bring myself to look over his shoulder to watch it, too. A documentary about a young man named Zach Sobiech has gone viral, and thankfully so. It chronicles Zach’s journey with a life-threatening cancer diagnosis, his inspiring positivity through his days of first lasts.

Wow, did it sound like a doozy. I was crying just listening to it, standing by the kitchen island.

Zach turned his death into a life lesson. He learned how to make the world a better place.

(Are you ready?)

“It’s really simple, actually, just try to make people happy. . . “

And suddenly, a woman alone in her kitchen with her children, trying so hard to put this tiny submarine together for her son standing by with eager eyes, who’s had a day of doing laundry, breading chicken for dinner, of seemingly meaningless tasks, feels the importance.

–Thanks to one amazing kid.

(A link to donate to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund is below. In a letter about one life touching another, it felt right to pass it on…)







2 thoughts on “Wednesday May 22, 2013: Telephone.

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    I just saw the Zach Sobiech video two nights ago and was bawling in my bed. His and Sammy Brown’s songs have been stuck in my head every since – I just had to go and listen to them all. Every time stuff like this comes up (and it comes up a lot it seems), I try not to overlay the tragedy on my life or my kids (what if…what if…). I kiss the kids a little more, goose my husband, and enjoy the glorious moment of my imperfect life 🙂

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