Thursday, July 11, 2013: Yolo.

Dear Babies,

Forget me. Forget Nana. You guys are obsessed with your teenage cousins. Why is it that kids are fascinated by older kids?

…Leaving the pool yesterday we took a walk down by the water. The burst of sunshine we’d soaked in during a break in the clouds was waning as more were rolling in. It looks like the heavens, we’d said. The breeze was picking up. Was that rain? Hurry up, I cried motioning you to follow. Hurry, hurry! Even the geese quickened, sensing the change.

On the sprint to the parking lot I spotted a woman calmly sitting on a bench nearby.

She was older. Alone. Just sitting and looking out at the water. Oh, I thought with envy, how nice… (There is something very peaceful about watching boats drift by.)

…”Do you know what I have to say about that?” your older cousin said yesterday at lunch, I can’t remember what in regards to, because today is just not a sharp day, “YOLO!”

Yellow? Did she just say yellow? Or Rolo, isn’t that a candy? Caramel? Kinda good?

Finally, I had to succumb to my age and ask, what does that mean?

You Only Live Once.

By Benson Kua

Great advice for people of all ages, don’t you think?



PS: With these extra hands around, I’m calling in sick tomorrow. I’m getting crazy. I’m going to shower AND pee with the door closed. Be back Monday.

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