Monday August 5, 2013: Friggin Amazing.

Dear Babies,

I saw Beyonce in concert on Friday, and let me tell you, she was friggin’ amazing.

I’m aware I shouldn’t be saying things like friggin’. If I’m trying to shape two intelligent beings (go ahead, insert maniacal laughter, ahaha-ha-ha-ha!), this, plus Valley-girl exclamations of “oh my GOD!” is not leading by articulate example.

I’m trying to be aware of things.

(Go ahead, you can gag a little. Roll your eyes. Harumph.

Friday night I was aware of the range of people in the audience. There was a full row of senior citizens, I’m talking white haired grandparents, not the young kind you guys are used to, standing up and dancing with their jiggly arms up in the air. These ladies were straight out of the beauty parlor with tight rolls of curls. My whole side of the arena was standing up and cheering for them. I tried to take a video, it was that much of a moment to capture. Look how full of life these people are, look, look…(how technology can be so annoying sometimes, but then, it does let you keep things in your pocket).

There was so much dancing in the stands. I always thought I was a bad dancer, then I looked around that night, and now I know I am indeed a pretty bad dancer. There were people all around me, young, old, black, white, male, female, questionable, who could dance.

As Queen B was performing, I was taking it all in and dancing, but also, trying to be aware of the thread of the show. What’s the point here? What’s the story? Because I’m a little annoying like that, and because there was a clear message going on…

Beyonce rules the world?


I mean, it sure could seem so. After all, the name of the tour is Mrs. Carter. There was a video montage of scenes from her life, oh, from kissing Barack Obama on the cheek at his inauguration, to her jet-skiing off yachts in the South of France.

Live your life to the fullest, she said, her voice purring over amazing flash after amazing flash.


I was aware how pretentious this could seem. How we all in the audience could say, live your life to the fullest? Well, easy for you to say when you’re bike riding through the countryside barefoot. Is that you, HOVA? Weeeee….

But that was just her life being lived to the fullest.

…This morning while dropping you guys off at camp one of the teenage volunteers must have been late.  She was running toward the door. With the doors of the mini-van she’d just climbed out of still closing, her mother called after her, “Lauren! Do you want a hair tie?!”

Lauren didn’t answer. She didn’t even turn around to look.

But I had to think that in that moment, there was a mother giving her all. A life day by day at its fullest, too.








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