Friday September 6, 2013: It’s been a BIG week.

Dear Babies,

It was the best day ever on our block today, and it was almost as if, we didn’t give a damn.

Our neighbors across the street are getting their driveway paved…

Down the street, a stump removed from Hurricane Sandy…

There were front loaders and cement mixers and steam rollers, oh my!



Oh, to freeze this time in your lives when you get so freakin’ excited about trucks.

But today, eh…

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” one of the drivers stopped to ask you guys, and I couldn’t have cast a bigger, burlier man myself. I’m pretty sure he if I’d asked him his name he would’ve said “Brawny.”


And what did we do in the presence of such a real-life celebrity, with whom we otherwise would have loved to chat up?

You squinted up at the sun, Baby Boy…

Baby Girl, you kicked an acorn…

I decided to be Bridget Jones last night, partaking in white wine and cupcakes. So today I’m not my finest. But what’s your excuse?


Maybe, come Friday, everyone has the right to be a little bit done.

On that note, Happy Friday.



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