Wednesday, September 25, 2013: A Nice Imagination.

Dear Babies,

My head was heavy after that frozen coconut margarita. Did the bartender give me a floater? He must have. I have no choice but to rest my head upon on this pillow of towels. After all, whoever set this lounge chair up for me made it so plush, it’s like a bed. Mmm, I close my eyes. I could very well just sleep now. Yes. The sun is so warm its like a blanket, enveloping my legs. There’s no tension in my body. Anywhere. Even my jaw is unclenched. My posture is slacken. Feet flopped to the sides, two boneless fish that every so often get tickled by sand blown up in a gust. The loll of the waves is hypnotic. What time is it? Noon? Nothing to do all day anyway. Might as well just turn my head here to the side. Cover it with one of these towels. And, sleep…

…Or, I was standing in the corner of a playground trying not to think about how the feeling of sand in a suede moccasin is just wrong. Did someone bury my feet when I was not looking? Seriously, how did I get this much sand in here?

And it’s hot. So hot. Damn this sweater. I’m in a sweater and it’s no less than 90 degrees here by this thing you guys are climbing on that I think is a bus. Or a train. Whatever, you shouldn’t be climbing on it. And there is not a lick of shade in sight. My legs are on fire being smothered in thick black yoga pants.

Please stop shrieking. Please stop shrieking. Please stop shrieking. My head is throbbing, thanks to this sinus infection or allergies or both. Tis the season to wrongly diagnose myself and never know whether to take cold medicine or Claritin. Hey, a shot of expired nasal spray never hurt.

I am listening to a nanny tell a story about a little girl she saw yesterday having a wild conversation with herself. She was so animated and using such vivid names that she had to remark to this girl’s mother, wow, what an imagination…because it’s so nice to see kids with such imagination.


…So I here I am, on my beach.

When I wake up, I think I’ll read a book.




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