Monday, September 30, 2013: There It Is.

Dear Babies,

Gees the car smells like onions, I thought, and then a few hours later opened the trunk and wow! there was a 3 lb bag of onions! I forgot to bring it in from my Stop & Shop trip this morning. (I did it, I finally bought one of everything in the store…)

The closets, the closets! I was going to do the closets this weekend. Maybe you will grow up to be the type of people who have no idea what this means. Do the closets? Do…what? Leave it to our society to make seasonal switching over of closets a thing. (You move the shorts to the back or to another closet, and the sweaters up front, riveting stuff, as the bush-woman clocks me over the head with a mango and says THIS is what you do?)

Ace Ventura

I didn’t get to the closets.

I got news about a friend that made me think.

I hung out with your dad instead.

It was a beautiful day out. Eighty degrees, for the end of September? We went to the pool. I know this is hard for you, your father teased in regards to my love for autumn weather. “Look at the temperature, not the calendar,” was his advice.

Later, toasting a 40th birthday, a lot could’ve been said. About life. Journeys. This. That.

But with glasses raised what was said was this: We’re celebrating a birthday.

Sometimes through all the fuzz comes something so clear: Each day of each year we get to spend amongst our family and loved ones is a gift.

It’s like finding those onions in the back of my car…

Oh, wow, there it is.



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