Tuesday, October 1, 2013: You’d Tell Me, Right?

Dear Babies,

“Mommy, you have a boogie in your nose,” you announced to everyone, and it being a rare lull in the mad rush that is school pick-up, kids, parents and teachers heard. This was mere seconds after running into my outstretched arms. I’m so happy to see you, too, Baby Girl.

I didn’t know if you were telling the truth or not. As cross-eyed as you go, one cannot see the inside of his nose. (Try it.) (No, don’t, it hurts.) Lord knows how many times you say you have to pee when you don’t have to–It’s not a game! I huff, trekking us off to the bathroom of Home Depot (which is actually one of the nicer ones, I’ve earned the right to opine)–you could’ve been lying.

But, what if you weren’t and there I was in that close-quartered crowd under the ridiculously hot blazing sunlight with a booger the size of Alaska hanging out my nose?

Eyes of all ages were upon me.

There was nowhere to hide.

I had no tissues. It was 195 degrees out, I didn’t even have a sleeve.

What was I supposed to do with this gem of information? Sniffle?

“It’s okay, Baby, that’s where boogies live, in people’s noses.”

{Squinting, the spotlight, it’s so bright. “Trust me, I don’t know how I do it as Mother of the Year either, har, har, har!”}

Here’s one for you: Outloud voice.  Sometimes people want to, heck, need to know about something like a piece of food stuck in their teeth. But choose the timing of your delivery wisely. Maybe, I don’t know, try to pull them aside…





4 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 1, 2013: You’d Tell Me, Right?

  1. reinventionofmama says:

    Ha!!!! I usually get, “mommy I don’t yike your shirt!” Or my personal in public favorite…”your breath is STINKY!”

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