Monday, October 14, 2013: Water Water Everywhere.

Dear Babies,

The world is my oyster! perhaps Columbus had said, one leg up on a barrel gazing out over the sea. Maybe giving a little shout out, for a hoot, arrrgh.

But you know what he probably really said during those long stretches across oceans with no land in sight? Water. Damn water.

School’s closed today in honor of Columbus Day and the world was our oyster. Oh, the plans you can make when you have no plans.

And then, water.

Under the sink. In the cabinets in the kitchen. I just flushed the toilet upstairs and water came pouring over, come on!

We were housebound all morning waiting for a plumber.

Guess what? It’s a bigger job and going to cost more money than expected, the first rule of thumb when you own a home.

Actually, make that the only rule of thumb when you one day own a home:

Everything will cost more money than expected.

Everything will turn into a bigger job.

I’m looking out the window now into our yard, overlooking an overturned inflatable pool from the summer that we just need to throw out. But who’s going to do it? Your father? That’s the last thing he wants to do on a weekend. Am I going to do it? Heck no.

In tribute to Columbus, I have one foot up on a Melissa and Doug mailbox. It makes a rather nice footstool when I stand with one knee up like this (you: good to know!).

Me and Columbus, gazing out, steering our runaway ships…


Santa Maria

Water, damn.



2 thoughts on “Monday, October 14, 2013: Water Water Everywhere.

  1. Winding road says:

    Argh! Frustrating…so true, everything with a house and a car is more expensive than expected. Not a good start to a Monday! My husband argh-ed too this morning because an ever elusive light came on in the car again.

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