July 17, 2011

It’s family-vacation time. Pack everything. Hope for the best. And say, “Wally World, here we come…”

Dear Babies

Dear Babies,

We leave for our first family vacation and in between quotes of “Wally World, here we come!” and impromptu bursts of song and dance to “Holiday Road!” I have been wildly packing.

Insanely packing.

I have been mentally packing since last Thursday.

Yesterday, I sat for a good forty-seven minutes in the kitchen at the island making lists of everything we need to pack.

And that is plural, lists.

They came in at three double-sided pages broken into categories such as eat, sleep, outdoor…

…My last day in the office at J.Crew it was a cold, cold day in early January. Upon saying my good-byes and completing my exit interview I left the building feeling very bittersweet as last days at things often do. I’d just left corporate America. What to do now? What to do? I decided to start small by rewarding myself with an iced…

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