About Dear Babies

When I found out I was pregnant after two years of fertility treatments, I handled my overwhelming emotions the only way I knew how: I am a writer (former entertainment editor of Seventeen magazine), so I began writing to my unborn children. “Dear Babies. . . ”

I would take this crazy life, and simply try to explain it.

What resulted is a revealing collection of humorous and heartfelt letters that paints the most vivid portrait of not only what it’s really like to be pregnant today (the dignity, or lack therefore, while bra shopping in Filene’s Basement), but of life navigating the bumpy road of change (moving, anyone?, and what happens to that little thing called a career).

Part life-lessons, part hilarious essays, Dear Babies reads like a diary chock-full of memorable take-aways. Any expecting woman will laugh, cry, smile and nod in agreement as she reads, while any person, pregnant or not, will find in its pages an entertaining and inspiring story of beginnings, endings, and what we think we know about the elusive in-between.

Dear Babies, This is crazy life, simply explained. . .

Check it out for a fun, uplifting read, or as the perfect gift for a mom-to-be!

Check out the blog archives or videos for a good laugh…

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Thank you 🙂

Amy Denby

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